Released Delivery Mobile App

boons Delivery mobile app Shipped in 2021: Delivery model app for drivers in real-time and scheduled delivery incorporates readymadeAPIs with intergration of owner’s site, mobile app, and their PoS/online ordering system. Delivery app for drivers Hired to style delivery model app in real-time and...

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UX/UI Design Case Studies

boons Driver Mobile App

Released Driver Mobile App Shipped in 2020: iOS Mobile Driver app for personal cars and taxi cabs throughout the USA Driver app Styled Driver app that allows the drivers to offer pickup, drop off and delivery services in real time to their...

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Shipped IoT Automotive Backup Camera App

Released IoT Automotive Backup Camera App

Pearl AutoVision Released IoT product: Automotive Backup Camera app Wireless Backup Camera app Redlined iOS/Android screens for the recently launched app, Pearl RearVision. This is a smart device that is a solar powered wireless backup camera system that pairs with...

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