boons Delivery Mobile App

Rebecca Wyatt UX UI Designer boons Delivery App

Shipped in 2021: an iOS/Android Mobile real-time/scheduled Delivery App

Role: UX/UI Designer 

UX/UI Design Tools:  Research / Pencil / Balsamiq / Sketch / Figma / Zeplin


Redesigned delivery model app in real-time and scheduled delivery modes interface. boons incorporates readymade APIs with integration of shop owner’s website, mobile app, and their PoS/online ordreing system. As well as keeping track of delivery order status and notifying customers in real time.


My Approach

Assessed entire app project to discover findings that were causing issues around branding, ux research, user-centric accessibility, lack of market-related UI patterns, style guides, and boons existing libraries ie: style guides.


  • Branding/Styling was minimal due to no existing style guides established
  • UX research was limited to a few users and no findings had been documented
  • App was leaning towards minimal user-centric accesssibility and not following UAAG 
  • UI patterns were in line with market-related UI patterns but could use enhancement


  • Worked with Dev Team on creating UXR documentation via Support and existing customers 
  • Created wireframes to depict existing patterns and introduce new UI patterns
  • Researched best guidelines to follow via UAAG
  • Created Style Guidelines 
  • Documented UI Patterns Library
  • Styled new Hi Fi prototypes of app screens via Sketch app
  • Designed/Styled new micro enhancements: push notification, expandable bottom half sheet, UISwitches, bottom nav, and gesture swipes
  • Produced videos with Dev Team to show User Flow
Rebecca Wyatt UX UI Designer Sketch HiFi Scrcreens


To implement an Order screen into the UI without creating more ‘Noise’ on the map screen while the user was in driving mode. Research findings found that a micro enhancement of a bottom half-sheet that users could tap and swipe up or down would resolve this issue. An expandable bottom sheet would also be designed with UISwitch and CTA button as well as access to leaving message/call to the customer by tapping on the phone icon.

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