boons Driver mobile app

Shipped in 2019: iOS Mobile Driver app for personal cars and taxi cabs throughout the USA

Rebecca Wyatt UX UI Designer: boons Driver App
Rebecca Wyatt UX UI Designer: boons Delivery App

Driver app

To redesign the Driver app that allows the drivers to offer pickup, drop-off, and delivery services in real-time to their valued customers. Both personal and taxi drivers can sign up.

Target Group: Personal drivers and taxi cab companies wanting to minimize heavy commissions and drive locally.

The Challenge

To assess app screens to document branding issues that required the screens to be styled. Created a style guide for the engineering team to implement in iOS development code. Assessed for market-related UX/UI patterns that were current and user-centric friendly.


  • Branding/Styling was minimal due to no existing style guides established
  • UXR was limited to a few users and no findings had been documented
  • App was leaning towards minimal user-centric accesssibility and not following UAAG 
  • UI patterns were in line with market-related UI patterns but could use enhancement


  • Worked with Dev Team on creating UXR documentation via Support and existing customers 
  • Created wireframes to depict existing patterns and introduce new UI patterns
  • Researched best guidelines to follow via UAAG
  • Created Style Guidelines 
  • Documented UI Patterns Library
  • Styled new Hi Fi prototypes of app screens via Sketch app
  • Designed/Styled new micro enhancements: CTA button and iconography
Rebecca Wyatt UI Visual Designer Iconography

New Iconography Designs

  • Car icon for map screen
  • Start icon for map screen
  • Navigation icon for map screen
  • Earning icon for tab bar

Sketch UX/UI Screens BEFORE & AFTER:

Rebecca Wyatt UX UI Visual Designer Old boons Delivery App Screens
Rebecca Wyatt UX UI Visual Designer New boons Delivery App Screens

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