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Responsive eCommerce website for customers looking for

near one of kind handmade goods online

Aunt Bucky eCommerce site by Rebecca Wyatt UX UI Designer
Rebecca Wyatt UX UI Designer: AuntBucky site

eCommerce Site

Collaboration with my sibling on a venture to create goods that emulated handmade production via online shopping. Built a responsive website that incorporated a shopping cart widget that would provoke a happy path for eCommerce purchases.

The Challenge

To design an eCommerce site that was responsive and implement a shopping cart widget that was reliable and secure. Chose a WordPress site to create a look/feel that was achieved via CSS 3 and HTML5 unique coding and to utilize the CM features for across-the-board team members to edit the site with ease.

Project Goals

To build a brand that incorporates best practices for an eCommerce site but focuses on the best user experience guidelines that are critical to achieving an online store with optimal performance. Users drive loyalty, inspire conversions, and encourage customers to share a positive word of mouth about Aunt Bucky. Fact, you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that, and word of mouth is powerful! Bottom line, create an overall great experience!


  • Intuitive Navigation with simplicity and boost SEO efforts
  • Prominent CTA with minimal clicks back to homepage
  • Engaging homepage
  • Product pages that convert
  • Product photography matches branding and professional quality
  • Checkout processes are user-friendly
  • Build trust with customers: transparency


Insight #1: Product photography is vital for increasing brand transparency and trust. Users stated they want to visualize themselves using your product.

Insight #2: Product information should be informative. Simple language to explain what makes your products special and how it solves your customers’ problems.

Insight #3: Users stated they are looking for personalized customer experiences. Features such as ‘Related Products’ or ‘Our Customers Also Bought’ enable them to find the perfect product faster and complete purchase. Shopping cart accessibility is very important to users.

Insight #4: Users are looking for a checkout experience that is a happy path such as, don’t forcing them to register. Shorter forms and easy to fill in from all devices.

Insight #5: Transparent about your shipping costs, needs to be prominent on your product pages. Delivery date information is also expected by the user.

Insight #6: Building trust with user by providing important elements on your checkout pages such as, security badges or reassuring your customer that data will be safe/secure.


  • Researched competitior eCommerce sites
  • Created wireframes to address depth of screens
  • Researched best guidelines for eCommerce site
  • Created Style Guidelines/Library
  • Documented UI components/pattern librairies
  • Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi screens via Sketch

Visual Assets

Aunt Bucky Visual Designer
Aunt Bucky Visual DesignerAunt Bucky Visual Designer
Aunt Bucky Visual Designer

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