iPhone GPS Filter App

Third Party App: iPhone Secondhand Shopping GPS and Filter Locator

ROLE: UX/UI/Visual Designer

Duration: 6 weeks in 2017


Designed an app interface for the iPhone that locates secondhand shopping online and physical stores via GPS location or Filter option. User can create a profile as a Buyer for free, and/or a Seller page for a fee. User can log-in to a safe and easy-to-use app to locate secondhand shopping via online such as Craigslist listings, or physical stores such as Goodwill. Built-in algorithms would display merchandise that has keywords such as Garage Sale, Antique, Estate Sale, Mid-Century, Used Clothing, and many more related terms that are associated with secondhand and antique shopping.


1) Physical stores can be planned ahead for a trip to a distant location and create favorites via the app locator, or on-the-go utilize the GPS locator feature to locate physical stores in nearby locations.

2) User can also discover online sales that are pulled in by a piece of technology called Web Crawler aka a Spider, this technology will display web inks acquired by Filter locator and algorithms that are acquired over time by the user.

This app is called, ‘JunkUp’ and its tagline is ‘One’s Junk, Another’s Treasures’.

My Approach

To design and interface that is simple but very organized and fluid to clearly show the options to use GPS locator or Filter input and display the results in user’s three most popular ways of acquiring information: Gallery, List, or Map. To follow the eCommerce rule that Buyers always access apps for FREE and that a Seller can publish a shop profile for a one-time fee. Lastly, to create a community of  buyers who want to share their discoveries and wish lists for bragging rights and helping others discover treasures. To provide a clean and beautiful interface for Sellers to display their goods and create a hand-off to an outside eCommerce payment system, such as PayPal.

My Challenges

Creating an onboarding experience that clearly conveyed that this shopping app would be locating online stores/listings and physical stores in secondhand goods for purchase and that it was a safe secure community of Buyers and Sellers. Designing a photo filter that would detect poor quality images and create a color mode that was part of the app’s style guide. Creating iconography that depicted a retro feel but still adhered to UI standard iconic standards.

My Lo-Fi Design

My first iterations of wireframes were with pen and paper and later on with the app, Sketch. I wanted to clearly depict how I saw this app to be and made several notes to myself from fellow students that I shared this wireframe with during class discussions:

1) I needed to work on my navigation.

2) Include all user’s preferred ways to viewing located information such as, Lists, Gallery, and Map.

3) Create the app and let some of the issues be resolved by the user telling me what needs to be revised/edited/or just needs to be deleted-Sigh of relief here.

My Hi-Fi Design

My final iteration was done in Sketch app. The Onboarding screens (below) are the first interaction with the user and they explain what will be found on the shopping app, and the experience of veiwing what they could discover via GPS locator. Once they begin to interact with the app via the Lists page they will be sent to Log-In and the option to create a Profile, and/or Seller page screens.

I designed unique iconography to convey a retro feel and experience on the ‘JunkUp’ app.

The Log-in/Create screens (below) will give the user the option to create a Personal or Seller Profile. A Personal Profile is where they can build out their favorite finds, upload photos of the recent purchases they made on the app, and their collection of secondhand treasures aka bragging area for the user. A Seller Profile can be created for a one-time fee and allows the Seller to list their goods and has the option for Buyers to upload reviews.

The Filter screens (below) will give the user the option of Sort Order, Distance, and viewing as a Map, Gallery, or Lists interface. There also be a Search Bar to locate other information if needed. The ability to favorite an item, contact a Seller, and use their GPS locator is available in this sequence of screen interactions.

Branding Visual Collateral

The word ‘JunkUp’ is a play on the retro phrase ‘Lets go junking’ (which means lets go hit the thrift stores) and the word  ‘Upcycling’ (recycling secondhand items). A famous line that is used quite frequently in reference to the millions of people who shop secondhand, ‘One’s Junk, Another’s Treasures’ is used throughout the ad campaign to convey that this shopping app is all about secondhand shopping.


Pencil and paper.

Adobe Creative Suite

Invision App

Sketch App


UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Course: Mobile Interface Design

Instructor: Eric Dorf Senior UX Designer Google.com

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