IoT Wearable Point-Of-View Camera Mobile App

Rebecca Wyatt UX UI Designer IoT

IoT Point-Of-View Camera Headband / Mobile App 

Role: UX/UI Designer 

Duration: 6 weeks in 2020

UX/UI Design Tools:  Research / Pencil / Sketch / Figma 

Designed an IoT project combining a mobile app interface to synch with a point-of-view camera headband to be worn by professional athletes. This app is called, ‘iPRO’ and its tagline is ‘Step Into The Game’. During this long pandemic and uncertainity of what would become of professional sports, particpation as a viewer in the stands has been very difficult for many individuals, especially youth. Purchasing a ‘Zoom’ seat at an event such as an NBA game has been a let-down for so many fans. Coming up with an idea on how to make this time of difficulty more exciting and inclusive, I came to the idea of the fan/individual participating virtually as a player, born the idea point-of-view camera headband. 

My Approach

To design and interface that is accessible via a mobile phone and allow the user to set-up preferences to choose a player, pick a date either real-time or future game events and synch their tablet or wi-fi TV with the camera headband. 

My Challenges


iPRO IoT UX UI Design Rebecca Wyatt

“I wanna play now! Don’t give me too many steps to get to where I want to be: the player of my fav team!”

  • Age: 13

  • Junior High Student

  • Status: Finding activities to help beat the shelter-in-place-blues

Goals: To spend more time enjoying what I love during the pandemic, like watching my favorite NBA team play but with a new twist to the viewing.

After UX research and finding that our youth is struggling with not enough activities that are supported by wi-fi and wanting this point-of-view game experience to be simple and fast. I needed to create a mobile interface that either a young person or an older indiviual could set-up easily and hunker down on the couch and start playing the game. 

My challenges were Keep It Simple, Tabs verses More Screens, Fast CTA, and create a Happy Path.

iPRO LoFi Prototypes UXUI design RebeccaWyatt Designer

My Lo-Fi Design

My first iterations of wireframes were with pen and paper and later on with the app, Sketch. I wanted to clearly depict how I saw this app to be and made several notes to myself from fellow students that I shared these wireframes with during class discussions.

My challenges were Keep It Simple, Tabs verses More Screens, Fast CTA, and create a Happy Path.

My Hi-Fi Design

My final iteration was done in Sketch app. The Onboarding screens (below) are the first interaction with the user and they explain how to set-up the point-of-view camera IoT app. They have the option to skip the onboarding and go straight to the create/login screens. I also give the user the option to try a one-time-deal of  ‘Try Without An Account’ CTA to let them experience this awesome IoT app. Once they have passed the create/login screen they are taken to the Settings screen where they choose their device and hit the CTA button ‘Become A Player’.

iPRO Onboarding UX UI design Rebecca Wyatt

User now has the option to choose an NBA or WNBA team, choose a player, and choose a date for the game they want to particpate in either real-time or future dates. This app utilizes the native iOS Calendar to choose dates and schedule event notification when the game will start also.

iPRO Pick Player NBA UX UI design RebeccaWyatt designer
iPRO Pick A Player WNBA UX UI design Rebecca Wyatt designer
iPRO Native iOS Calendar UX UIdesign Rebecca Wyatt designer


Branding Visual Collateral

iPRO IoT UX UI design Rebecca Wyatt Designer
Rebecca Wyatt UX UI Designer Mobile App IoT

UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Course: Designing User Experience For Smart Things, Virtual Reality and Wearable Technology

Instructor: Eric Dorf Senior UX Designer

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