Redline: Car Rear Camera App

Redline Specs: iOS + Android


Redlined screens for the recently launched app, Pearl RearVision. This is a smart device that is a solar powered wireless backup camera system that pairs with your phone and installs in minutes.  This product was founded by individuals who were instrumental in the development of the iPod and the iPhone. At Pearl, they’re passionate about bringing the same type of transformative change they led at Apple to the auto industry. Their goal is to improve driver and passenger safety by delivering advanced, adaptive technology to the 1.2 billion cars on the road.

ROLE: Production Design

My Approach

To Redline Pearl Rear Vision app screens designed in Sketch and create Style Guides for front and back end developers/engineers to use as guidelines when creating files for final app product. To produce detailed redlines of the Director of Design, Jorge Fino’s beautifully designed screens in a precise timely fashion.

My Challenges

Working at a fast pace with iron-clad deadlines to meet the launching date of this product within a period six months. Follow strict design guidelines for iOS and Android but conversely making the design of each operating systems appear as one. Researching Android design guidelines and developing a style of redlining that would be ideal for this operating systems interface.

Adhere to Typography verses Asset Guidelines for px and dp ratio, as well as cut assets at pixel perfect perfection. Review any inconsistency in layout or style guide while redlining many screens and resolving these issues independently.

My Learned Experiences

Jorge Fino, the Director of Design is a fine leader and shared the development details of how mobile design is developed once it leaves the visual designer hands. I now redline with the valuable knowledge that was learned during this project and have also utilized it to help me a better Visual UI Designer.

My Redline Designs

Paying close attention to Typography and Asset ratio differentiation while keeping in place that every pixel counts due to engineering using the screens as precise tool to build out code for the final app.

Creating operating systems designs that emulate as much as possible but still following OS Design Guidelines for iOS and Android.


Adobe Creative Suite

Sketch App


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