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Rebecca Wyatt UX UI Designer Wearable IoT app

Wearable for Apple Watch: Fertility Thermometer Ring


Designed an app interface for the Apple Watch iOS3 that syncs with a wearable device that is a smart jewelry design: Basal Body Thermometer (BBT)  Ring called, ‘Dandi’. This app design will keep the user apprised on when they are reaching their peak body temperature starting fertilization to the end of ovulation. The concept is about trying to conceive a baby in the most natural way: reading your daily temperature to determine ovulation during the small window of time in a fertile woman’s cycle period each month.

ROLE: UX/UI/Visual Designer

Duration: 6 weeks in 2017

UX/UI Design Tools:  Research / Pencil / Balsamiq / Invision / Sketch 

Visual Design Tools: Adobe Creative Suite


My Approach

Combining two ideas together: utilizing the smart device features of gathering data from one’s own physical body and focusing on quick realtime notifications that are discreet, sharable, and generates algorithms to the Apple Watch. And staying focused on current trends of individuals wanting to increase their need for multi-tasking, sharing their experiences, but most importantly being mindful and ‘green’ in all aspects of their busy lives was my focus. I began researching fertility and smart devices and discovered that there are plenty of apps for smart phones that address this large population but nothing in the area of stylish comfortable long-wearing pieces of smart device equipment, such as jewelry.

My Challenges

Researching the Apple Watch I began to see a pattern in Users’ goals: retrieve fast simple notifications that would eliminate the usage of pulling out their phone to do the same task. In my research of fertility/conception protocols, women who chose to try the natural method of taking their temperature each month had a very short opportunity each month to become pregnant and taking their temperature was a very accurate way to discover exactly when they were ovulating and the best times of day/time to try and become pregnant. These two discoveries made me realize that I wanted to focus on getting that information to the user quickly and discreetly: notifications of when they are ovulating, their temperature readings, and sharing this information with individuals who could benefit from knowing: your partner, your doctor, and others that could play an important role in helping you get pregnant. Psychology research has stated that trying to get pregnant can be very stressful and stress does not help with fertility, so trying to be discreet to eliminate too much fanfare around your trying to get pregnant, and learning about your body to help you become relaxed and mindful were two of my biggest goals in designing this interface.

Data Visualization was the main design concept to address the gathering of data and displaying in it in user-friendly way and it’s capabilities of being metaphorical beautiful to appear fashionable and discreet when displayed on the Apple Watch face. But how do you design charts/graphs that are pretty and scientific at the same time? This was the challenge but I loved it and spent hours researching what type of graphic metaphors could convey my challenge and still follow clean UI design concepts, and the user understanding what they are viewing when being notified on the Apple Watch.

Iconography was the second important part of the graphic elements, due to the Apple Watch having limited screen space and giving the app interface a unique look/feel and keep with a minimalist design that eliminates user’s limited attentional resources.



First, the idea of how this IoT design would work: a young couple both very busy with their daily lives but wanting to start a family and be in control of the journey of getting pregnant. I got out my pen and pencil and created the storyboard.

Storyline: Woman wearing her Apple Watch and ‘Dandi’ Ring, she gets notified via vibration on ring that she is ovulating. She immediately synchs her watch and ring to send notification to the man letting him know she is ovulating and it’s time to make a baby! They meet up and get to work at making a baby….and 9 months later the little bundle of joy arrives!


Lo-Fi Design

My first iteration of wireframes were mainly to give me an idea how I planned to maintain the Apple Watch design: quick simple notifications. This lo-fi wireframe was designed in Sketch. Apple Watch has two very important screens: Glance now in current version iOS3 known as App Dock, and Short/Custom Long Look Notifications. I wanted to design an interface that made these screens address the quick simple notifications of the Apple Watch: the user checking their temperature via App Dock and being notified when they were in their fertility cycle each month. Additional screens would be Tracking their ovulation cycle with data that could be shared with others, and Mindfulness an experience to help them with relaxation via quotations.


1) Apple Watch is all about quick simple notifications, no need for onboarding, settings, or contact list, these can all be hand-offs on the user’s phone.

2) Keeping with the psychology of trying to minimize stress, the Glance screen now known as App Dock would be more discreet and become an iconography design to address this issue: having people see on your watch a large numerical temperature reading could cause dialogue that could become stressful if you are trying to be discreet about becoming pregnant.

3) Navigation menu is too busy and needs to be cleaned up, icons are appearing crowded and confusing to user.

These screens were revised in the next round of Hi-Fi wireframes.

My next iteration of wireframes were done in the app, Invision to animate the touch gestures that would be play an important part of the design: navigating simply but intuitive to the user.


Hi-Fi Design

Final iteration done in Sketch shows revisions corrected from critique on earlier lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes:

1)  Data Visualization designed for Cycle, Temperature, App Dock, and Custom Long Look Notification screens to show real-time data of built-in unique algorithms ie: past/present daily body temperatures and present/future fertile ovulation days during monthly cycle.

2) Iconography designed throughout app interface to depict unique information related exclusively to the ‘Dandi’ App.

3) GPS Locator directed to Map Native App screen via Mindfulness and Balance screens.

4) Apple Watch Wallpaper.

5) App logo.


Product/Branding Design


‘Dandi’ is a smart device jewelry wearable. A waterproof precious-metal ring that detects your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) through a built-in thermometer. The technology built into this ring gathers data via unique algorithms that are synced with the Apple Watch.

The more you wear this ring, the smarter it gets!

This ring design also includes the embellishment of a Moonstone gem, which in many cultures throughout the world symbolizes fertility.

‘Dandi’ is short for Dandelion, and as most of us know, when you see this flower you pick it, close your eyes, blow on it, and make-a-wish. I used this ritual to design the look and feel of the visual branding for web and print advertising.

Branding Visual Collateral

Rebecca Wyatt Visual Designer Apple Watch IoT
Rebecca Wyatt Visual Designer Apple Watch IoT


UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Course: Designing User Experience For Smart Things, Virtual Reality and Wearable Technology

Instructor: Eric Dorf Senior UX Designer

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